The Folding Cliffs

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The Folding Cliffs by W. S. Merwin
Paperback $19.95

Mar 28, 2000 | 352 Pages

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  • Paperback $19.95

    Mar 28, 2000 | 352 Pages

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"A major American verse narrative, of which we have too few of this quality. As an achievement it joins the very best of Merwin: The Lice, Travels, and The Vixen." –Harold Bloom

"A masterpiece…His work is like the best gift, unexpected, surprising, and, once considered, profoundly indispensable."–Jane Kramer

"A powerful revisionary telling of a powerful story that makes of a far-flung corner of American geography and history a central event for our national culture."– John Hollander

"The Folding Cliffs is a masterpiece–a truly original masterpiece, on a very big scale. I could not put it down, and read it with a mixture of amazement and
admiration that went on growing to the last page. Merwin’s sinuous, infinitely flexible voice has created a new kind of narrative verse: the tragic history of Hawaii, suffered through one family, told almost as if by a native, with a point-blank simplicity and effortless saga-like realism." –TED HUGHES

"A thrilling historical narrative–taut and skillful and full of lost values. Merwin creates a powerful poetic narrative with great intimacy and humanity." –MICHAEL ONDAATJE

"A bold and stunning chronicle of Hawaii, all the way back to its creation in past ages when volcanoes thrust upward through the blue surface of the Pacific–all beautifully fashioned in a rare epic poetry which is also a kind of transcendent prose. A classic." –PETER MATTHIESSEN

"A masterful narrative. What ensues within the structure of the community
becomes the story of our time. Through the hand of perhaps our most gifted poet, themes of cruelty and compassion, faith and despair, beauty and the loss of the native world around us, become the strands woven around a deeply spiritual story." –TERRY TEMPEST WILLIAMS

"The Folding Cliffs is a vision of love and violence that breathes with the vibrant life and tragic history of the Hawaiian Islands. At one masterstroke, W. S.
Merwin here restores to American poetry the narrative grandeur, mythic resonance, and sweeping moral scrutiny of an earlier age’s epics. His book is an
astonishment that will quicken and enlarge the spirit." –J. D. McCLATCHY

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