A Journal of the Plague Year

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Aug 26, 2003 | 336 Pages

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  • Paperback $11.00

    Aug 26, 2003 | 336 Pages

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“One of the most original and harrowing accounts of living through a virulent pandemic . . . as full of meaning about human suffering today as it was when it was written.” —The Daily Beast

“A brilliant account of the last major outbreak of bubonic plague in Britain—and it can still educate readers three centuries later.” —BBC News

“[A] classic of plague literature . . . Camus was inspired by this book in writing The Plague.” —The Jerusalem Post

“So grimly immediate . . . you can practically smell the death and decay.” —The Guardian

“A realistic account of the plague’s effects on [London]. Defoe’s novel still has the power to unsettle—like when he writes about families forced into quarantine due to an infected family member.” —Vulture

“Within the texture of Defoe’s prose, London becomes a living and suffering being.” —Peter Ackroyd

Table Of Contents

A Journal of the Plague YearChronology
Further Reading
A Note on the Text

A Journal of the Plague Year

Appendix I: The Plague
Appendix II: Topographical Index
Appendix III: London Maps
Appendix IV: Introduction by Anthony Burgess to the 1966 Penguin English Library Edition

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