The Portable Nineteenth-Century Russian Reader

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The Portable Nineteenth-Century Russian Reader by Various
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Aug 01, 1993 | 672 Pages

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  • Paperback $20.00

    Aug 01, 1993 | 672 Pages

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Table Of Contents

Note: Names of translators are indicated in italicsIntroduction by George Gibian
Chronology by George Gibian
Aleksandr Pushkin
Seclusion (Walter Arndt)
Epigram on A. A. Davydova (Walter Arndt)
Winter Evening (Vladimir Nabokov)
To… (Walter Arndt)
Arion (Walter Arndt)
Remembrance (Walter Arndt)
The dreary day is spent (Walter Arndt)
I loved you (Walter Arndt)
The Bronze Horseman (Walter Arndt)
Exegi Monumentum (Vladimir Nabokov)
The Shot (Gillon R. Aitken)
Aleksandr Griboyedov
The Trouble with Reason (Frank R. Reeve)
Mikhail Lermontov
My Native Land (Vladimir Nabokov)
Farewell (Vladimir Nabokov)
From the Author’s Introduction to A Hero of Our Time (George Gibian)
Preface to Pechorin’s Diary (George Gibian)
Princess Mary (Vladimir Nabokov with Dmitri Nabokov)
Nikolay Gogol
The Overcoat (Bernard Guilbert Guerney)
Easter Sunday (from Selected Passages) (George Gibian)
In Praise of Russian Peasants (from Dead Souls, vol. 2) (Jesse Zeldin)
On the Character of the Russians (George Gibian)
The Controversy over Gogol’s Selected Passages:Vissarion Belinsky, Letter to Gogol (George Gibian)
Apollon Grigoryev, on Gogol (George Gibian)
Aleksandr Blok, on Gogl and Grigoryev (George Gibian)
Vladmiri Kniazhnin, on Grigoryev (George Gibian)
Sergey Aksakov
Mikhail Maximovich Kurolesov (from The Family Chronicle) (M. C. Beverley)
Fyodor Tyutchev
Summer Nightfall
The Abyss
Human Tears
Last Love (all by Vladimir Nabokov)
Is Russia Distinct from the West? (George Gibian)
Karolina Pavlova
From A Double Life
Strange, the Way We Met (both by Barbara Heldt)
Ivan Goncharov
Oblomov’s Dream (David Magarshack)
Ivan Turgenev
First Love (Ivy and Tatiana Litvinov, revised by George Gibian)
On Belinsky (David Magarshack)
On the Russian Language (George Gibian)
Aleksandr Herzen
Recollections of Russian Intellectuals-1830s and 1860s (from My Past and Thoughts) (Leo Navrozov)
Russian Folk Proverbs
(George Gibian)Kozma Prutkov
The Fruits of Reflection: Thoughts and Aphorisms (George Gibian)
A Memory of Bygone Days (by Barbara Heldt)
Fyodr Dostoyevsky
The Grand Inquisitor (from The Brothers Karamazov) (Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky)
On the Mission of Russia (George Gibian)
On Russian Distinctiveness and Universality (from a speech on Pushkin) (George Gibian)
Leo Tolstoy
The Death of Ivan Ilych (Aylmer Maude)
Master and Man (S. Rapoport and John C. Kenworthy, revised by George Gibian)
How Literature Teaches Us about Moral and Psychological Life (George Gibian)
Anton Chekhov
The Lady with the Dog (Ivy Litvinov)
Uncle Vanya (David Magarshack)
Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin
The Story of How One Russian Peasant Fed Two Russian Generals (George Gibian)
Maksim Gorky
Twenty-Six Men and One Girl (Bernard Isaacs, revised by George Gibian)
Vladimir Solovyov
Lectures on Godmanhood (George L. Kline)
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