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Strategy by Hart B. H. Liddell
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Mar 30, 1991 | 448 Pages

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  • Paperback $21.00

    Mar 30, 1991 | 448 Pages

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“The most important book by one of the outstanding military authorities of our time.”—Library Journal

“No man has devoted more concentrated thought to the nature and problems of strategy.”—The New York Times Book Review
“A major work… bristles with challenges to the mind.”—Saturday Review

“Brilliant… a classic in military literature.”—Marine Corps Gazette

Table Of Contents

Preface to the Second Revised Edition
Part I: Strategy from Fifth Century B.C. to Twentieth Century A.D.
I. History as Practical Experience
II. Greek Wars—Epaminondas, Philip, and Alexander
III. Roman Wars—Hannibal, Scipio, and Caesar
IV. Byzantine Wars—Belisarius and Narses
V. Medieval Wars
VI. The Seventeenth Century—Gustavus, Cromwell, Turenne
VII. The Eighteenth Century—Marlborough and Frederick
VIII. The French Revolution and Napoleon Bonaparte
IX. 1854-1914
X. Conclusions from Twenty-five Centuries
Part II: Strategy of the First World War
XI. The Plans and Their Issue in the Western Theatre, 1914
XII. The North-eastern Theatre
XIII. The South-eastern or Mediterranean Theatre
XIV. The Strategy of 1918
Part III: Strategy of the Second World War
XV. Hitler’s Strategy
XVI. Hitler’s Run of Victory
XVII. Hitler’s Decline
XVIII. Hitler’s Fall
Part IV. Fundamentals of Strategy and Grand Strategy
XIX. The Theory of Strategy
XX. The Concentrated Essence of Strategy and Tactics
XXI. National Object and Military Aim
XXII. Grand Strategy
XXII. Guerrilla War
Appendix I: The Strategy of Indirect Approach in the North African Campaign, 1940-42, by Major-General Eric Dorman-Smith
Appendix II: “For by Wise Counsel Thou Shalt Make Thy War.” A Strategical Analysis of the Arab-Israel War, 1948-9, by General Yigael Yadin
Index of Deductions

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