Medieval Russia’s Epics, Chronicles, and Tales

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Medieval Russia's Epics, Chronicles, and Tales by
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May 01, 1974 | 544 Pages

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  • Paperback $22.00

    May 01, 1974 | 544 Pages

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Table Of Contents

Preface to the Second Edition
Introduction: The Literature of Medieval Russia
Part I: Literary School of the Kievian Era (Eleventh to Mid-Thirteenth CenturyA. Epics and Stories from the Chronicles
a. Stories from the Primary Chronicle
1. Prolegomenon
2. The Apostle Andrew Comes to Russia
3. The Founding of the City of Kiev
4. The Beginning of the Russian State and the Arrival of Rurik
5. Prince Oleg’s Campaign Against Constantinople
6. The Death of Oleg
7. Igor’s Death and Olga’s Revenge
8. Sviatoslav’s Early Campaigns
9. The Siege of Kiev and Olga’s Death
10. Sviatoslav’s War Against Byzantium and His Death
11. Vladimir Christianizes Russia
12. Yaroslav the Wise
13. The Blinding of Vasilko

b. Tales from the Novgorodian Chronicle
14. Life in the City of Novgorod
15. Novgorod at War with Suzdal
16. The Election of Archbishop Mantury, and Novgorod Wars Against the Ugrians

c. Stories from the Galician-Volynian Chronicle
17. Prince Roman, Khan Otrok, and the Wormwood
B. Homiletic and Didactic Works
18. Metropolitan Hilarion: Sermon on Law and Grace
19. Cyril of Turov: Sermon on the First Sunday After Easter
20. Vladimir Monomakh: Instruction to His Children
C. The Lives of Saints and Monks
a. Stories from the Primary Chronicle
21. The Martyrdom of Boris and Gleb
22. The Beginning of the Kievan Crypt Monastery, and Its Founder, St. Antonius
23. St. Theodosius, Abbot of the Crypt Monastery
24. Brother Isaac and the Demons

b. Monk Nestor
25. Life of Our Blessed Father Theodosius, Abbot of the Crypt Monastery

c. Stories from the Kievan Crypt Paterikon
26. Bishop Simon: Viking Shimon and St. Theodosius
27. Bishop Simon: The Coming of the Greek Iconographers from Constantinople to Abbot Nikon
28. Bishop Simon: John and Sergius
29. Bishop Simon: Prince Sviatosha of Chernigov
30. Monk Polycarpe: Marko the Gravedigger Who Was Obeyed by the Dead
D. Apocrypha
31. The Descent of the Virgin into Hell
32. Adam’s Address to Lazarus in Hell
E. Epics
33. The Lay of Igor’s Campaign
Part II: Epigones of the Kievan School (Mid-Thirteenth to Fourteenth CenturyA. Military Tales
34. The Battle on the River Kalka
35. Orison on the Downfall of Russia
36. Tale of the Destruction of Riazan
37. The Heroic Deeds of Mercurius of Smolensk
38. Sofony of Riazan: Zadonshchina
B. Lives of the Saint-Princes
39. Tale of the Life and Courage of the Pious and Great Prince Alexander #Nevsky#
40. Narrative of the Pious Prince Dovmont and His Courage
C. Homiletic Works
441. Serapion of Vladimir: Sermon on the Merciless Heathens
42. Serapion of Vladimir: Sermon on Omens
D. Epistolary Works
43. The Writing of Daniil the Prisoner
Part III: The Era of Muscovite Ornamental Formalism (Fifteenth to the Beginning of the Seventeenth CenturyA. Lives of Saints and Biographical Tales
44. Epiphanius the Wise: Panegyric to St. Stephen of Perm
45. Epiphanius the Wise: The Life, Acts, and Miracles of Our Blessed and Holy Father Sergius of Radonezh
46. Peter and Febronia of Murom
47. The Life of St. Michael, a Fool in Christ
48. The Story of Great John, Archbishop of Novgorod the Great
B. Lives of the Saint-Princes
49. Orison on the Life and Death of Grand Prince Dmitry Ivanovich
C. Ideological Writings
50. The Tale of the White Cowl
D. Travelers’ Accounts
51. Afanasy Nikitin’s Journey Across Three Seas
E. New Military Tales
52. The Story of Stephen Bathory’s Campaign Against Pskov
F. Epistolary Polemics
53. Prince Andrew Kurbsky: First Epistle to Tsar Ivan IV
54. Ivan IV: Epistle of the Tsar Against Prince Kurbsky
Part IV: The Wane of Medieval Patterns and Rise of the Baroque (Seventeenth Century)A. Historical Works from the Time of Troubles
55. Avraamy Palitsyn: Pseudo-Dmitry
56. Avraamy Palitsyn: Answer of the Defenders of the Holy Trinity—St. Sergius Monastery to the Polish Request of Surrender
57. Prince Ivan M. Katyrev-Rostovsky: A Description of the Tsars and Their Families
B. Biographical Works
58. Kallistrat Druzhina-Osoryin: The Life of Yuliania Lazarevsky
59. The Life of Archpriest Avvakum by Himself
C. Secular Tales
60. Shemiaka’s Judgment
61. The Tale of Savva Grudtsyn
62. Frol Skobeev, the Rogue
D. Poetry
63. Ivan Funikov: Message of a Nobleman to a Nobleman
64. Misery-Luckless-Plight
Three Poems from the Collection of Baccalaureus Richard James
65. Raid of the Crimean Tatars
66. Lament of Boris Godunov’s Daughter
67. Ode on the Return to Moscow of Filaret, Tsar Mikhail’s Father
68. Epic of Sukhan
69. Prince Ivan A. Khvorostinin: Autobiographical Verses
70. The Orderly of Colonel Theodore Zay: A Love Letter from the Year 1698
71. Peter Kvashnin: Dear Brother
72. Peter KVashnin: I Thought
73. Simeon Polotsky: Excerpt from Ode on the Birth of Peter I
74. Simeon Polotsky: The Law
75. Simeon Polotsky: The Merchant Class
E. Miscellany
76. Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich: The Rules of Falconry

A Short Glossary of Russian Terms
Chronology of Russian History and Culture

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