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Aug 12, 1985 | 544 Pages

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  • Paperback $22.00

    Aug 12, 1985 | 544 Pages

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  • Ebook $10.99

    Dec 04, 2013 | 544 Pages

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“We have nothing more universal than our folk myths, and in this book Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz have brought together what is probably the most comprehensive and diverse collection of American Indian Legends ever compiled. It is a worthy and welcomed addition to the literature of our native peoples”
—Dee Brown
“This fine, valuable new gathering of Turtle Island tales is truly alive, mysterious, and wonderful—overflowing, that is, with wonder, mystery and life.”
—Peter Matthiessen

“Lively and varied accounts of the creation of the world, cosmic battles, love and lust, trickster intrigues, animal interference, and things that whistle in the night fill this thematic anthology with passion, wisdom, and biting humor . . . This rich collection will serve scholars and satisfy general readers.”
—Library Journal

Table Of Contents

Introduction  xi
• PART ONE •  
Tales of Human Creation  1
Rabbit Boy (White River Sioux) 5
Blood Clot (Southern Ute) 8
Corn Mother (Penobscot) 11
Creation of the Animal People (Okanogan) 14
Stone Boy (Brule Sioux) 15
The Powerful Boy (Seneca) 20
Glooscap and the Baby (Algonquian) 25
The Old Woman of the Spring (Cheyenne) 26
Arrow Boy (Cheyenne) 29
The Great Medicine Dance (Cheyenne) 33
The Origin of Curing Ceremonies (White Mountain Apaches) 37
Creation of First Man and First Woman (Navajo) 39
How Men and Women Got Together (Blood-Piegan) 41
The Well-Baked Man (Pima) 46
The White Buffalo Woman (Brule Sioux) 47
The Orphan Boy and the Elk Dog (Blackfoot) 53
Salt Woman Is Refused Food (Cochiti) 61
The Sacred Weed (Blackfoot) 62
How Grandfather Peyote Came to the Indian People (Brule Sioux) 65
The Vision Quest (Brule Sioux) 69
• PART TWO •  
Tales of World Creation  73
The Good Twin and the Evil Twin (Yuma) 77
The Jicarilla Genesis (Jicarilla Apache) 83
When Grizzlies Walked Upright (Modoc) 85
Old Man Coyote Makes the World (Crow) 88
How the Sioux Came to Be (Brule Sioux) 93
Pushing Up the Sky (Snohomish) 95
Emerging into the Upper World (Acoma) 97
Earth Making (Chebokee) 105
The Earth Dragon (Northern California Coast) 107
People Brought in a Basket (Modoc) 109
Great Medicine Makes a Beautiful Country (Cheyenne) 111
The White Dawn of the Hopi (Hopi) 115
Creation of the Yakima World (Yakima) 117
Children of the Sun (Osage) 119
The Voice, the Flood, and the Turtle (Caddo) 120
A Tale of Elder Brother (Pima) 122
Tales of the Sun, Moon, and Stars  125
Sun Creation (Brule Sioux) 129
Walks-all-Over-the-Sky (Tsimshian) 136
Three-Legged Rabbit Fights the Sun (Western Rockies) 139
Coyote Steals the Sun and Moon (Zuni) 140
Keeping Warmth in a Bag (Slavey) 143
The Hopi Boy and the Sun (Hopi) 145
A Gust of Wind (Ojibway) 150
Daughter of the Sun (Cherokee) 152
Grandmother Spider Steals the Sun (Cherokee) 154
The Story of the Creation (Diegueños) 156
The Foolish Girls (Ojibway) 158
Moon Rapes His Sister Sun (Inuit) 161
Sun Teaches Veeho a Lesson (Cheyenne) 162
Little Brother Snares the Sun (Winnebago) 164
The Scabby One Lights the Sky (Toltec) 166
Playing a Trick on the Moon (Snoqualmie) 168
The Theft of Light (Tsimshian) 169
Coyote Places the Stars (Wasco) 171
Deer Hunter and White Corn Maiden (Tewa) 173
Monsters and Monster Slayers  177
Glooscap Fights the Water Monster (Passamaquoddy, Micmac, and Maliskeet) 181
Little-Man-with-Hair-All-Over (Metis) 185
How Mosquitoes Came to Be (Tlingit) 192
Hiawatha the Unifier (Iroquois) 193
The Life and Death of Sweet Medicine (Northern Cheyenne) 199
The Quillwork Girl and her Seven Star Brothers (Cheyenne) 205
Rolling Head (Wintu) 209
Son of Light Kills the Monster (Hopi) 211
The Coming of Thunder (Miwok) 216
Wakinyan Tanka, the Great Thunderbird (Brule Sioux) 218
Coyote Kills the Giant (Flathead) 223
A Legend of Devil’s Tower (Sioux) 225
The Flying Head (Iroquois) 227
The First Ship (Chinook) 229
Chase of the Severed Head (Cheyenne) 230
Uncegila’s Seventh Spot (Brule Sioux) 237
War and the Warrior Code  243
Little Mouse Counting Coup (Brule Sioux) 247
Two Bullets and Two Arrows (Brule Sioux) 248
A Cheyenne Blanket (Pawnee) 251
The Warrior Maiden (Oneida) 252
The Siege of Courthouse Rock (White River Sioux) 254
Chief Roman Nose Loses his Medicine (White River Sioux) 256
Brave Woman Counts Coup (White River Sioux) 258
Spotted Eagle and Black Crow (White River Sioux) 260
Where the Girl Saved her Brother (Cheyenne) 264
Tatanka Iyotake’s Dancing Horse (Brule Sioux) 267
• PART SIX •  
Tales of Love and Lust  271
The Legend of the Flute (Brule Sioux) 275
Teaching the Mudheads How to Copulate (Zuni) 279
The Fight for a Wife (Aleut) 281
Teeth in the Wrong Places (Ponca-Otoe) 283
The Stolen Wife (Tewa) 285
Tolowim Woman and Butterfly Man (Maidu) 290
Apache Chief Punishes his Wife (Tiwa) 291
The Husband’s Promise (Tewa) 295
The Man Who Married the Moon (Isleta Pueblo) 298
Why Mole Lives Underground (Cherokee) 305
A Legend of Multnomah Falls (Multnomah) 306
The Industrious Daughter Who Would not Marry (Cochiti) 308
The Woman Who Married a Merman (Coos) 312
Coyote’s Strawberry (Crow) 314
The Faithful Wife and the Woman Warrior (Tiwa) 315
Coyote and the Mallard Ducks (Nez Percé) 318
The Greedy Father (Kabok) 320
Kulshan and his Two Wives (Lumni) 321
Men and Women Try Living Apart (Sia) 324
A Contest for Wives (Cochiti) 326
The Serpent of the Sea (Zuni) 327
Trickster Tales  333
Coyote, Iktome, and the Rock (White River Sioux) 337
What’s This? My Balls for your Dinner (White River Sioux) 339
Coyote and Wasichu (Brule Sioux 342
How Beaver Stole Fire from the Pines (Nez Percé) 343
The Raven (Athapascan) 344
The Bluebird and the Coyote (Pima) 346
Adventures of Great Rabbit (Algonquian) 347
Turkey Makes the Corn and Coyote Plants It (White Mountain Apache) 352
Coyote Takes Water from the Frog People (Kalapuya) 355
How the People Got Arrowheads (Shasta) 356
Iktome and the Ignorant Girl (Brule Sioux) 358
Coyote Fights a Lump of Pitch (White Mountain Apache) 359
Always-Living-at-the-Coast (Kwakiutl) 362
Glooscap Grants Three Wishes (Algonquian) 365
Coyote’s Rabbit Chase (Tewa) 368
Coyote Gets Rich off the White Man (White Mountain Apache) 369
Iktome Sleeps with his Wife by Mistake (Brule Sioux) 372
How to Scare a Bear (Tewa) 375
Coyote Steals Sun’s Tobacco (White Mountain Apache) 377
Doing a Trick with Eyeballs (Northern Cheyenne) 379
Iktome Has a Bad Dream (Brule Sioux) 381
How Coyote Got his Cunning (Karok) 382
Coyote and the Two Frog Women (Alsea) 384
Coyote Dances with a Star (Cheyenne) 385
Stories of Animals and Other People  387
The Great Race (Cheyenne) 390
Origin of the Gnawing Beaver (Haida) 392
How the Crow Came to Be Black (Brule Sioux) 395
The Girl Who Married Rattlesnake (Pomo) 397
Why the Owl Has Big Eyes (Iroquois) 398
The Owl Husband (Passamaquoddy) 399
The Dogs Hold an Election (Brule Sioux) 403
The Snake Brothers (Brule Sioux) 404
Butterflies (Papago) 407
The Revenge of Blue Corn Ear Maiden (Hopi) 409
The Meeting of the Wild Animals (Tsimshian) 413
A Fish Story (Tewa) 415
The Neglectful Mother (Cochiti) 417
The Bear and his Indian Wife (Haida) 419
Wakiash and the First Totem Pole (Kwakiutl) 423
Ghosts and the Spirit World  427
Two Ghostly Lovers (Brule Sioux) 432
The Man Who Was Afraid of Nothing (Brule Sioux) 435
The Land of the Dead (Serrano) 438
The Double-Faced Ghost (Cheyenne) 439
A Journey to the Skeleton House (Hopi) 442
The Skeleton Who Fell Down Piece by Piece (Isleta Pueblo) 446
The Spirit Wife (Zuni) 447
The Transformed Grandmother (Pima-Papago) 451
Big Eater’s Wife (Pequod) 453
The Origin of the Hopi Snake Dance (Tewa) 455
Blue Jay Visits Ghost Town (Chinook) 457
The Ghost Wife (Brule Sioux) 462
• PART TEN •  
Visions of the End  465
Woman Chooses Death (Blackfoot) 469
Coyote and the Origin of Death (Caddo) 470
The Flood (Haida) 472
The Seer Who Would not See (Pima) 473
The Elk Spirit of Lost Lake (Wasco) 475
The Death of Head Chief and Young Mule (Northern Cheyenne) 477
The Ghost Dance at Wounded Knee (Brule Sioux) 481
The Gnawing (Cheyenne) 484
The End of the World (White River Sioux) 485
Montezuma and the Great Flood (Papago) 487
The Buffalo Go (Kiowa) 490
The Coming of Wasichu (Brule Sioux) 491
Remaking the World (Brule Sioux) 496
Appendix  500
Bibliography  522
Index of Tales  526

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