The Best of Richard Matheson

Paperback $18.00

Oct 10, 2017 | 432 Pages

Ebook $6.99

Oct 10, 2017 | 432 Pages

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  • Paperback $18.00

    Oct 10, 2017 | 432 Pages

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  • Ebook $6.99

    Oct 10, 2017 | 432 Pages

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“[Matheson is] the author who influenced me most as a writer.” -Stephen King

“He was a giant, and YOU KNOW HIS STORIES, even if you think you don’t.”-Neil Gaiman

“Richard Matheson’s ironic and iconic imagination created seminal science-fiction stories . . . For me, he is in the same category as Bradbury and Asimov.” -Steven Spielberg

“[I] never met Richard Matheson, but his stories have been life companions. Books are human souls, in analog form. Go read his.” -Joe Hill

“Perhaps no other author living is as responsible for chilling a generation with tantalizing nightmare visions.” The New York Times

“Richard Matheson is one of the great names in American terror fiction.” The Philadelphia Inquirer

“[Matheson has] been an inspiration to me and to so many. He is a legend himself.” -Anne Rice

“We’re all a lot richer to have Richard Matheson.” -Dean Koontz

“[Matheson is] one of the most important writers of the 20th century.” -Ray Bradbury 

“Matheson’s horror is for grown-ups, those who have lost the easy credulity of the very young . . . He’s an ideal writer to read right now, because — as grown-ups know — we live in unbelievable times.” –Terrence Rafferty, New York Times Book Review

“Indeed, it’s very nearly impossible to overstate the importance of Matheson’s contributions to popular culture and our modern perception of horror . . . The Best of Richard Matheson is a fine collection of some of the best short works from one of the great writers of the 20th (or any, really) century.” –Pop Matters

One of my favorite writers of all time . . . If you love short stories, he was a master.” –Joe R. Lansdale

“Richard Matheson was quite simply one of the greatest genre writers of all time. Horror, mystery, suspense, western novels…television, film scripts…He was one for the ages.” -Christopher Golden

“If all we knew Richard Matheson for was his Twilight Zone episodes, he’d still be a writing legend. But he did so, so much more…It is impossible to overstate how important Richard Matheson is to postwar sci fi, fantasy & horror in prose, TV & film.” -Zack Stentz, screenwriter of Thor and X Men: First Class

“140 characters can’t begin cover what [Richard Matheson] has given the sci fi & horror genre.” –Edgar Wright, writer and director of Baby Driver

“You could make a strong case for Richard Matheson as the most influential American writer of ‘fantastika’ between Lovecraft and Stephen King . . . I thought I knew most of Matheson’s short fiction  . . . and yet editor LaValle has chosen at least a dozen I can’t remember ever having read.” –Michael Dirda, Washington Post

“Matheson’s stories never shock viewers with gruesome effects or CGI wondrousness; instead, they worry them at the human level. And they never let a reader go until they’re finished.” –Los Angeles Times

“Matheson is a master of horror, but moreso a master of incisive prose and skill.” –

“Where Matheson shines is in his depictions of ordinary horror, the way strange goings-on affect everyday people, and his ambiguous endings leave plenty of room for further thought. . . . These chilling page-turners still hold up, serving as an excellent starting point for a new generation of readers.” Kirkus Reviews

“[Matheson’s] imagination and mastery of the short form cannot be denied, and this collection demonstrates the indelible influence he had on speculative literature”Publishers Weekly

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