Herotica Series

Herotica 3 by Various
Herotica 4 by Edited by Marcy Scheiner
Herotica 5 by Edited by Marcy Scheiner

Herotica Series : Titles in Order

Book 5
In this fifth collection of startlingly erotic tales, twenty-five new stories push the boundaries of the pleasure principle and create a vivid world of uninhibited sexuality. Hotter and bolder than ever, Herotica 5 covers everything from entanglements with strangers to office trysts, totemic animal powers to virtual sex. Representing the best of erotic writing today, new and favorite authors such as Susan St. Aubin, Cecilia Tan, Jolie Graham, and Aurora Light offer a kaleidoscope of sexual experience.Proving that nothing has more erotic power than words-whether whispered, read aloud, or written on the page-Herotica 5 explicitly evokes women’s ultimate desires, making this new edition one of our most exciting collections to date.• Herotica is the most established name in the field of women’s erotica, launched by sex guru Susie Bright.
• Includes something for every erotic taste: black, white, Asian, Latina, straight, gay, groups, initiations, seductions, etc.
• Stories by past Herotica stars as well as fresh new voices.
• More than 250,000 Herotica books in print.
Book 4
These groundbreaking collections of women’s erotic fiction venture into unexplored territory to expose the richness and complexity of female sexuality. Passionate, daring, and sometimes dangerous, each story takes you on a new journey from the darkest corners to the highest peaks of sexual pleasure.
Book 3
The third installment in the groundbreaking Herotica series of sensual stories by, for, and about women promises vitally exciting erotic writing. By helping ladies “claim the erotic frontier,” Susie Bright explores a territory where sexuality is limited only by the imagination. This passionate mosaic of sexual reality and fantasy encompasses a spectrum of experience—black, white, Asian, Latina, gay, straight, and married. From naive first love to future sex, from romance-novel fantasy to wild encounters at the laundromat, this collection of steamy stories will leave you breathless.
“Susie Bright, as usual, lives up to her name. Her intelligence shines through in this collection of sometimes startling, always highly charged stories. Especially, don’t skip Herotica 3’s passionate Introduction.”—Michele Slung, editor of Slow Hand and I Shudder at Your Touch
“Bright’s 24 lusty selections not only advance her argument by showing that intelligence and sexuality go hand in hand, but prove that erotica can fulfill any variety of appetite, from literary to fantastical, from surrealistic to voyeuristic.”—Publishers Weekly

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